• Do you feel strange to talk about IT (Information Technology)?
  • Do you feel fear to think about IT?
  • Do you think, where do you start from?
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  • Tec Archive

    Tec Archive is a complete Technology related Blog. From 2012, we Tec Archive Team (Old Tech City BD) always tried to learn new things and gather proper information from this. After gathering proper information, we are giving these things to another tech lover as help purpose. To build the digital world, everyone has to come forward with their expertise. We're always with you to solve your any problem.

    Mission of Tec Archive

    Since 2009, a peculiar trend has been created towards mobile, computer, and the Internet, and from there it started. I've tried every day to find out about something new on the Internet. For some reason, a lot of time had to stay away from these. It was started with Java Phone, Computer in Windows XP, and Wapka at Wapsite.

    Then I tried to learn something new and tried to help others. The most notable thing is that it is not very easy to fully dominate each word of technology. And thinking about it, we can see that we are still far behind, yet many are still raw in information technology. From 2012-2019 I have seen many blogs related to information technology in Bengali. In some cases, any information is available in blogs, but often it is confused with this information. We will (Tec Archive Team) always tried to help readers with proper information and giving a proper solution.

    In this era of information technology, if you think of yourself completely new, start with us .............